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Hi! Thanks for visiting FilmFanGifts.com.

I’m a freelance multimedia artist, and I love movies. When I’m not watching movies or making them, I create or track down film-themed shirts, coffee mugs, business cards, etc. and share them here at FilmFanGifts.com. I use a great site called Zazzle to share these designs. When you find something you like here, you’ll be redirected to Zazzle for a really easy checkout process – including customization for most products. Zazzle has fantastic customer service and can answer any questions you have about products or shipping. When you find something you like, Zazzle does the hard work and I receive 25% of the sale! All of this helps support me and my filmmaking endeavors, so…

Thank you for supporting independent filmmakers!

As for the designs here, I hope you like them! Please leave a comment below if you have a special design request, or just want to say hi.


To find out more about my work, check out my portfolio at aarondpate.com

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