Film Reel Serving Trays

Great for bringing out the popcorn and drinks in your home theater, here are two serving trays with a cinematic theme! The first has a simple film icon, the second features a black and white photo of film reels. Party time!

Cinema Cookout Apron

Independence Day is right around the corner! What does a summer cookout and a good movie have in common? Heck if I know… but you can wear one of these film-themed chef’s aprons while you master the grill and queue up a big backyard cinema extravaganza this 4th of July.

Film Reel Grill Apron
Film Reel Grill Apron by apatedesign
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Film Reel Wallet

Finally, a wallet for filmmakers! Show your love of cinema with this classy film reel wallet, and customize the background color for a personalized touch.

The Dynomighty Tyvek® Wallet is engineered to be thinner, lighter, and stronger than any other billfold wallet available. The Tyvek® material makes it virtually tear proof, water resistant, and the most compact option ever made.